Nahide ONSUN - Professor, M.D.


Nahide Onsun MD

Professor in Dermatology- Venerology
Bezm-i Alem University Medicine School
Dermatology- Venerology Department
Vatan Caddesi- Fatih
Istanbul   34091

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Head of  Dermatology- Venerology Department
Bezm-i Alem University Medicine School

Medicine Training
Recidency:    Dermatology-Venerology Department of Cerrahpaşa Medicine School
                       Istanbul, University

Medicine Education:  Istanbul University Istanbul  Medicine School

Professional Affiliations
Turkish Society of Dermatovenerology

Secretary General of Turkish Society of Dermatovenerology 2000-2008

European Academy  of Dermatovenerology

International Society  of Dermatology

EORTC Melanoma Cooperative Group

EORTC Cutaneous Lymphoma Task Force

International Society of  Dermoscopy

Moderator of  Turkish  Psoriasis Study Group Present

Moderator of  Turkish   Dermatooncology Study Group

Editor in Chief of Turkderm  ( Archieves  of  Turkish  Dermatology – Venerology – Indexed in SCI­E  )

Experience in Multicenter Studies
ACCEL STUDY: (Optimal dose of desloratadin in chronic urticaria  phase III)
CLEAR study Clinical Expeience Acquired with Raptiva Study Phase III 2002

EORTC melanoma group 18952 protocol
Randomized phase III trial post-operative adjuvant Interferon-alpha 2b (Intron-A) tratment after resection of thick primary melanoma and/or regional Iymph node metastases “ intermediate-high dose ’’ vs intermediate-low dose ’’Interferon-alpa vs observation’’

Combined chemotherapy of multibacillary leprosy of 6 months duration
Coordinator: Dr.SR Pattyn (Antwerp)
The results published on Leprosy Rev 1986 ;57 Supplement 3: 124-126

Three-point checlist of dermoscopy : an open internet study Zalaudek I, Argenziano G, Soyer HP, Corona R, Sera F, Blum A, Braun RP, Cabo H, Ferrara g, Kopf AW, Langford D,
Menzies SW, Pellacani G, Peris K, Seidenari S; DERMOSCOPY WORKİNG GROUP.

Ongoing Studies:

Randomized Open-Lobel Study Comparing 2 Different Strategies For Management of Subjects with Plaque Psoriasis who save responded to etanercept Treatment